A Few Snaps

Roland was blasting away as usual on the pool table last night…

Thailand Bangkok Roland Shoots Pool

Completely randomly, we were looking at an apartment and met an dodgy Ozzie dude by the name of Adam. He actually beat Roland on the old pool table!

Thailand Bangkok Adam Shoots Pool

Bangkok is still a bustling metropolis at 9pm, the selling just doesn’t stop.

Thailand Bangkok Bustling Metropolis

I bought some new trousers today and on the way back couldn’t help grabbing this snap! Who says Volvo’s can’t be pimped to the max?

Thailand Bangkok Volvo Pimped

My trousers were 220 baht, or roughly £3 British pounds ($5 USD for our international readers!), which is the same cost as five and a half slices of this lovely pizza I had on my way here…

Thailand Bangkok Pizza Slices

As you can see I’m loving my new pocket sized cameras! Fear not, pictures of the suave new trousers will be posted for your viewing pleasure soon!

5 thoughts on “A Few Snaps”

  1. despite previous psuedonyms, I was not “shoe shopper” who placed that dull comment about colours.

    I agree with what previous people have said about videos. I would relish the oppertunity to catch a butchers at a video of one of your partys to see if they really are as boring as you say they are. cough!

    just to fill you in ive been spending a lot of time in glasgow of late. Its fun going out there.

  2. Now you see, this I know already, because being who I am, I know everything! I know all the IP addresses of all the people who post on my blog, big brother is watching… 😀

  3. …well then you will know that i lead a very dull working life and await your next video instalment to make it more interesting…x… 🙂

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