Donuts Galore

Anyone for a donut? These bad boys are just plain crazy!

Just near the shop in which this little snap was taken, there was a queue (line for the Americans) of people waiting down the street. We had to fight our way through it to get in to a neighbouring coffee shop. Apparently they were all queuing for a particular type of business. It’s the hottest franchise in Thailand right now, it’s about half a million US dollars to buy a franchise! That’s more than McDonalds.

Thailand Bangkok Pink Donuts

2 thoughts on “Donuts Galore”

  1. hi there! i was browsing the net for new ideas for a donut and i happened to stumble upon this! what are those things? and if you don’t mind, i was wondering if you ever had “Donut Fantasies”? in what shape/color/flavor/texture is your ideal donut? thanks! by the way, i’m doing all these for a study. thanks in advance!

  2. This type of donut are all over Thailand, they’re pretty popular. Not sure how they make them, but I did eventually try one, and they taste just like Thai donuts!

    No idea what “Donut Fantasies” are. Is that a snack or an escort service? 🙂

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