I Have Cable TV

I’ve got cable tv in my new apartment, it’s great. I get about 15 channels, all but two of which are in Thai. No problem, I can watch the trusty BBC World channel and always be assured of an independent view on the world’s current affairs. What’s this, do my ears decieve me, no, it appears not, I can see BBC World dubbed into Japanese. I can hear the first few words in English and then the Japanese kicks in!

Trust me, when you’ve only got 2 English channels, that’s a major frustration! Oh you’ve gotta love Bangkok… 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Have Cable TV”

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  2. Ha ha ha ha, its probably for the best…after 2 days of BBC world and Australian ABC in Bali i got bloody sick of it. It is the same shit over and over and over again…

  3. … and what on earth makes you think the BBC is ‘independent’?! After all, they’re effectively state-funded.

    Nice to see all those travels have culminated in not only PS2 all day, but now TV too…

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