Apartment Cleaning

My current conundrum centres around getting my apartment cleaned. Being a man, living in Bangkok, and given the low cost of living out here, the thought of cleaning my own toilet bowl really seems too much for me!

I enquired at the reception in my apartment building and was told it would be 200 baht (£3 or $5) to clean the apartment once. But that really seems a bit steep given that I only want the floor mopped and the bathroom cleaned. So I’m enquiring with the woman that cleans our office, perhaps a deal can be done for a mere 500 baht a month!

Oh my life is so hard… 😀

3 thoughts on “Apartment Cleaning”

  1. Come on now brother, we both know the only thing you can kick my ass at is the licking of bawls, I just can’t compete with your success. As Napoleon Hill said, the key to success is a burning desire, and I just don’t have desire like yours my brother.

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