No More Waiting for PDFs

Fed up of waiting for PDF files to open? Be frustrated no longer, for I have just discovered the delicious little program called Foxit Reader (new window). It’s less than 1Mb to download, opens super quick, and is free to download for personal use.

Foxit also offer some upgrades to be able to create and edit PDFs, which certainly appear to be cheaper than Adobe’s complex, slow to load offering.

I’d still recommend you keep Adobe Acrobat Reader (new window) installed, simply because it’s the official Adobe PDF reader, and you might just need it one day.

2 thoughts on “No More Waiting for PDFs”

  1. Yep, you just emailed me to tell me how to do it!

    Tools > Options > Downloads > Downloads & Actions then change PDFs to open with Foxit. Enjoy…

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