Black from EA Games (new window). Oh my word. Yes, it is quite possibly the greatest game I have ever played. It has the playability of Sniper Elite, the graphics are immense, and the narrative is superb, all I can say is BRING IT ON!

The story is set over 3 days and every level of the game starts with a few minutes of video where the character you’re playing in the game recounts his “activities” over the last few days in an interrogation room.

There is no need for stealth here. You don’t sneak round corners, you blow the corners out of the way. If there’s something or someone in your way, blow it the f*** up or shoot the s*** out of it. Facing multiple hostiles, shoot the nearest vehicle or gas tank and watch the explosion blow them away in mind blowing detail.

Oh yes, the game to play for has arrived. If there’s one reason to buy a playstation this year, it could quite possibly be Black.

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