It’s Roland’s last night in Bangkok. We spoke mid afternoon and said we’d go out for a steak dinner to celebrate the end of an era. We’ve known each other for a good few years, but we’ve been travelling together almost 24/7 for the last three months.

I called him at six, he was meeting another friend of ours and said he’d head home after that and then give me a call. By nine I’m starving, I call him to see what’s happening. He tells me he’s going to have a quiet dinner with a girl he’s been seeing for the last few days. He said he’d call me after dinner and we’d meet then.

I call him at ten and arrange the bar to meet in. He calls me at eleven while I’m sitting in the bar sending him a text suggesting we meet at the only Scottish bar in Bangkok to prepare him for the culture shock when he gets home. He tells me he thinks he’s going to have a quiet one with his girl and get an early night.

I hang up. Today is the end of an era.

Note: I have edited this post since I first posted it. For those of you who read the original post, I may have overreacted slightly.

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