Film: The Pink Panther

Just back from seeing The Pink Panther (new window) now that I’m in back in sunny Bangkok (it really was much sunnier than Singapore when I got back!).

It was absolutely hilarious. I felt a little for the Thais because there are a whole heap of jokes that you just won’t get unless you really understand English. There’s a hilarious line about 006 being one away from the big guy, and all sorts of other hilarity. I was expecting it to be rubbish, painfully bad, but it really was funny.

Jason Statham, Steve Martin, Jean Reno, even Beyonce rocks up. It’s an all star cast of hilary, top marks from me!

2 thoughts on “Film: The Pink Panther”

  1. Oh yeah! Erik fell asleep and tried my best to stay awake…i thought it was so bad that i can’t even remember if i did fall asleep!

    However, when he goes into the sound proof room to fart…but its soundproof the other way…now that is darn tootin hilarious!

  2. No way, it was a hilarious movie. It wasn’t ridiculously funny, but it was ridiculous! The fake French accents, 006 versus 7, ahh, classics! šŸ™‚

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