The Golden Arches

It’s terrible, I find myself craving McDonald’s in Asia more so than I ever did at home. I probably ate (if you can call it that) at McDonald’s less than once a year for the last 5 years at home and yet I’ve no doubt doubled that at least since being in Asia.

I wonder if it’s because the food (again, I use that word cautiously) is predictable and western. There’s only so much fried rice with chicken one man can eat if you weren’t raised on the stuff. I find myself craving the predictability of McDonalds. Arrrggggghhhhhhh…

6 thoughts on “The Golden Arches”

  1. …nice to hear you still have that healthy appetitie 😉 ….though mcd’s c, c’mon!!!!!!……..x

  2. Don’t do it callum! I watched mclibel the movie the other day for the first time (about time!) and it reminded me why I’m not mad about them. Go get it from one of your DVD shops – fab movie. JC.

  3. Quick thing – I want to see shots of your current pad! – could u post some? Ta, JC.

  4. I found myself craving the maccy D when I was in asia. Its a strange phenomena. How do you know your getting the same macdonalds as you do back home?

    it has such weird marketing campaign – no tartan in sight. Some scary looking tall clown. I suppose the golden arches are very iconic right enough. I suppose as a company theyd have a hard time peddling the crap to kids otherwise. And then theres the free toys rewarding the kids, santa is so last generation…

    What about the name, your not related are you. Are you sure you dont have some internal compass setting you one course to asia to trace a long lost family lineage leading to the twin halo’d McWang burger?

  5. Ha ha ha ha….funnily enough over the last few weeks i’ve been having the same problem. However, two subways and a burger king in one day and i’m all done with fast food for a while…

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