Protesting in Bangkok

There are protests tonight in Bangkok against president Thaksin (new window). I saw some roads closed and a few small groups of protestors today as I was heading to various meetings. I heard the sound of protesting outside my window and was slightly perplexed as to why there would be mass protesting in this quiet little corner of Bangkok.

No need to worry, a little investigation reveals that my neighbours across the road appear to be deaf, and so their TV is making as much noise as the protest they’re obviously watching!

It’s interesting to ask the Thais and local farangs (ex pats) about their views on the current political situation in Thailand. Everyone accepts Thaksin is corrupt, but nobody seems to have a clear solution or prediction of what will actually happen in the upcoming elections. Thais simply say they don’t know, most don’t know who they’ll vote for. Farrangs question who is there to replace Thaksin.

I can’t help but feel that when you get stopped by the police in Bangkok and give them 200 baht to dissolve whatever problem you apparently had, corruption in the government is the least of Thailand’s political problems. However, apparently a large body of people feel that Thaksin is the problem, and they’re telling him, rather loudly, to get out of Thailand and go to Singapore!

We’ll wait and see how it all develops. As always, you can rely on me to bring you front line reports! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Protesting in Bangkok”

  1. Maybe corruption in the streets is an example of the cops taking after their leader. A corrupt PM may not be the biggest worry, but a hard working and ethical one may be the best thing to solve most of the problems!

  2. corruption in third world countries is rampant. replace thaksin and the new one becomes one again. i think it is the structure that allows, or even invites one to end up as corrupt.

  3. Thaksin is like a dirty dollar piece.
    Dip him in some coca cola and leave him in overnight.
    That should give enough time for the corrupt anti-bodies to wear off

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