FedEx Fantastic

I just had a FedEx delivery from home and it was fantastic! Check this out, the dude arrived on a motorbike…

Thailand Bangkok FedEx Fantastic

DHL delivered a package a few weeks ago and it was a nightmare. They didn’t deliver it on the first day, then I checked the tracking number online, they said they needed address confirmation. So I gave them the same address as on the package, then they called the next day, the driver only spoke Thai, and eventually I gave the phone to someone who gave them directions.

FedEx on the other hand, I got a call this morning from a very helpful gentleman who spoke excellent English to say he was round the corner and couldn’t find the apartment (addresses in Bangkok are a nightmare to put it mildly!) so I explained how to get here, he arrived a few minutes later on his motorbike, I paid the customs duty (goddamit!) and boom, transaction complete. Fantastic!

If you’re sending me anything, be sure to use FedEx and not DHL… 🙂

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