Film: The Inside Man

I saw The Inside Man (new window) last night. It’s an awesome movie. It’a almost The Usual Susupects esque, but with a slightly simpler story line. You spend the whole movie wondering how it’s all going to work out, and it blows you away when it does.

Clive Owen is fantastic as is Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster, oh my word, she’s on fire! You watch the three stories converge and finally explode, with some very cute twists. Not an action packed flick, definitely chick friendly, a definite must-see.

3 thoughts on “Film: The Inside Man”

  1. Hey. Thought it was a bit long, and compared to other spikey lee movies, was quite mainsteam and not as stylish. But worth a watch. Sorry not spoken to u yet – email me what u want me to pickup and ship with ur address, and I’ll sort this w/e. Ta, JC.

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