Mind Mapping and the Damned Insert Key

Example Mind MapI’ve been trialling new mind mapping software recently and there’s a flaw common to a lot of them. Firstly, let me explain briefly what a mind map is. It’s a way of recording information with a topic at the centre and then branches off that topic, otherwise known as sub topics. To the right you’ll see an example of a Mind Map from Wikipedia (new window). It’s also possible to create mind maps on a computer, and some excellent programs make this very easy.

The flaw that so many of them have is their use of the damned Insert key. This is the default key to create a new sub topic. So when you’re typing a mind map, you need to constantly reach across the keyboard to find the Insert key. Freemind, an open source mind mapping tool, allows you to chang this key to something more practical, like Tab. But others don’t, making them slow and irritating to use. Damn the Insert key I say!

Fear not, the results of my investigation will soon be presented here to allow you to make informed choices about your mind mapping software.

For more on mind mapping, see the book How to Mind Map by Tony Buzan (new window) who created the concept.

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