Back to Khao San

Having been in Bangkok for almost 3 months now, I went back to Khao San Road for the first time in weeks. It’s where we first arrived, and the only place in Bangkok most backpackers ever see. Ahh, it was nice to be back amongst so many farrang faces in a way. To spare the spirit of it with you via the wonders of the web, I shot a little video…

I was over there seeing Vicky before she flies home after two and half years of travelling! She’s heading to Edinburgh, ahhh, home, and she’ll fit right in with all the other grandmothers with her super trendy shopping bag pictured below…

Thailand Bangkok Vicky Leaving

Vicky was the very first person I met in Chiang Mai when I arrived from the UK. My first backpacking buddy! Safe flight Vick.

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