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Proving once again that big brothers lead and small brothers (new window) follow, I’m proud to be the first of the Macdonald brothers to tell you that Google (new window) have added a new software title to their range called Google Pack (new window).

It’s a handy little tool that allows you to download all their software, and a few other software titles, in one easy download. It allows you to download all the updates for the software included in one place. A handy feature that Linux operating systems have but Windows lacks.

Of course the skeptical might suggest that it also allows Google greater control over your life, greater insight into what you’re doing, and more big brother like control, but hey, that’d only be the skeptics right? For the skeptics out there, check out Google Watch (new window), it makes some interesting reading…

3 thoughts on “More Google Goodies”

  1. Ah…interesting indeed…quite a good option for people wanting a whole batch of software. It’s good that you can manually select which parts you wanna download too…

    I’m sure you’ve already heard of this being so clever and all…but do you know that the latest version of desktop search has a feature dubbed ‘Ctrl Ctrl’? You hit Ctrl twice and a box pops up in the middle of the screen allowing you to instantly search, and as you begin typing will show you files on your computer with the keywords contained! Pretty darn sweet i tell you!

  2. Yet again, big brother leads the way, I’ve known about the CTRL search since I installed it! 😀

    Sure, it makes it easier for users. On the other hand, it also increases their reliance on proprietary software. If Google had announced that they’re creating an open standard for update management on Windows and their software was going to be one option to use, fantastic. That’s how it works on Linux. But yet another proprietary update manager, just like say Norton’s LiveUpdate, well that doesn’t excite me nearly as much.

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