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Fergus (new window) in his new technologically equipped state of mind, having spent the last week almost exclusively playing with his web site, told me about a sweet little web site called Pandora (new window).

Pandora is from the Music Genome Project. They have analysed the music of over 10’000 artists based on a system of music gene mapping that they’ve created. So you tell Pandora the name of a song or artist that you like, and their system will automatically find other songs and artists that you will probably like. These are then played to you in the form of a custom radio station.

You get a free demo, registration takes 6 seconds and is free, then you can create and save up to 100 different custom radio stations. It’s a great way of finding new music, and a fantastic way to listen to music that suits your mood.

Thanks bro…

4 thoughts on “Music You Like”

  1. It worked in Firefox for me ok..must be a local problem (for local people)

    Raymond now recommends Pandora….excellent site…opened up my listening repertoire exponentially…

  2. Come on now, as if I would recommend something that doesn’t work in Firefox! It does require version 7 or 8 flash though, apparently it can have problems in previous versions.

  3. …ahhh, so that’s why i had problems! need to download 8 then. james blunt here we come….. 😉

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