Volume I Say

I’ve just discovered the volume control on the Gnome Desktop under CentOS Linux. Look at this, it’s a thing of beauty…

Linux Volume Control

On my tablet I’ve got three audio ports. I’ve got a mic port, a headphones port, and a headset port where I can plug in a standard mobile phone headset. On Windows, you mute or unmute the system, that’s it. Under Linux I can control the volume and mute each port individually.

A small and insignificant detail perhaps, but a glorious example of Linux’s beauty…

3 thoughts on “Volume I Say”

  1. That’s funny 😉 My copy of Windows lets me mute each port individually.
    Still, don’t get me wrong, a good Linux install will piss over Windows – Congrats on your successful leap.

  2. Kudos to that indeed…however i notice only two stations on Pandora! Some more searching me thinks….’John Legend’ station is nice for some smooth RnB grooves, while ‘St Germain’ station gives some seductive lounge tunes.

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