Last night marked the beginning of the Thai new year celebrations called Songkran. The party lasts for three days and could essentially be described as a nationwide waterfight! I’m reliably informed that stepping outside today signals that you’re happy to have buckets of water dumped on you, be shot at with water pistols, have water bombs thrown at you, and so on.

Khao San Road, the heart of Bangkok’s backpacker area is supposed to be the busiest. It’s not unusual to see pick up trucks with four or five drums of iced water on the back, driving around generously sharing their icedness with the rest of the country! But fear not, it’s not only about water. There’s also rather a large amount of alcohol involved as well!

I read in the Bangkok Post that 80 people will die as a result of the celebrations today alone. In a mixture of drownings (believe it or not), car accidents, and so on. Who knew that new year could be so dangerous?

3 thoughts on “Songkran”

  1. Hey – sounds mad! Pics please! Email is bouncing from your me@… account – email me with what u are after from home and all the details and I’ll do it over easter. Have a good one. JC.

  2. Who knew that the new new year we all knew would come has come just as we knew it would.

    Yeah…sun stroke i think! lol. Don’t be the 81st dude…take an umbrella as a shield! lol…have a blast.

  3. i was in khao san april 14 and 15, had sun burns, drank chang, enjoyed the cold waters, and saw few farangs around the area. They may have moved out temporarily to be spared of the water fights.

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