Thunder and Lightning

I was starkly awoken up by thunder this morning. Where I woke up and whether I was alone is not the point, it was some serious noise. I actually thought it was an explosion. It was only when I went out to get a taxi I realised it must have been thunder as it was pouring down. Ok, so the fact I got up and then got a taxi is a slight clue, but honestly, that’s not the point!

The rain’s fantastic in Bangkok. After a downpour, the air is much cooler for a day or so. It rained yesterday as well, there was what might have been described as a “cool night air”, something one doesn’t normally experience in Bangkok!

Ahh, all this talk of rain makes me think of Scotland…

2 thoughts on “Thunder and Lightning”

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ … now c. i hope those ladyboys arent giving you any hassle. just wondered, are they easy to spot?…nadsy…x

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