Internet Censorship in Thailand

While searching for a genuinely benign web site (ok, I was looking for a gnome clipboard manager if you must know, it’s a linux thing!) I saw this little message courtesy of the Thai government.

Thailand Internet Censorship

I’m reliably informed this message means that I can go screw myself, the government has decided the page I have requested is not suitable for my consumption. Yes, in this supposed democracy, the internet is censored. Not that it matters to me of course, with my limitless technical genius I can simply bypass these foolish, amateur attempts at censorship with a mere keystroke. However, it does make those little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Grrr….

3 thoughts on “Internet Censorship in Thailand”

  1. a censorship is a censorship is a censorship. moderation and classification is what we need. this i always see as the equilibrium between freedom and responsibility.

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