Party Time

Yes, the time is coming, in a mere 9 days, I shall become one year older. Ahh, a time of celebration. The planning for the party has already started! It’s going to be as debauched as Bangkok can be, you only live once right?? 😉 There will be no photos, only a few select verbal, unrecorded, deniable reports to a few male friends. Sorry gals, trust me, you don’t want to know!

The down side of all this is that it requires some considerable research and development. Alas, tonight being Friday, I must force myself to trawl Bangkok’s nightlife in search of the required resources for our Saturday night session next week. Oh it is a hard life, well, I guess I best get to it…

7 thoughts on “Party Time”

  1. Hey. What do u want for your bday??? (ideally something I can get you electronically so it arrives on time!). JC.

  2. Aye, none of us is gettin any younger. You were wearing school uniform when we first met!

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