Presents Galore

After a surge of birthday greetings last weekend (better early than late right!) I was shocked as I checked my mailbox for the first time since I moved in.

Thailand Bangkok My Birthday Presents

A big thanks to Nadsy for the flowers, although I don’t remember giving you my address, you industrious little woman you! The award for the funniest card goes to Mum, check this out…

Thailand Bangkok My Birthday Card

Had me laughing for hours. Thanks to Auntie Linda and the gang, the James meister (aka Jimmy the auld yin) and Great Auntie Bess in all her greatness! Tom and Pink get top marks for presents and I’m off to check my bank account and see what Mum has in store for me… 🙂

One thought on “Presents Galore”

  1. Belated birthday wishes Callum! feel so bad I forgot you and your brother’s birthdays in the last few weeks! but then I am an old bird now so you can hopefully forgive me.
    hope you had a fab time – one to remember I bet!
    your big (v old) cousin xxx

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