Battle Scars

Battle lines were drawn, teams divided, equipment dispensed, and finally, the guns were passed out, let the battle commence…

Thailand Bangkok Paintball Heading Out

The teams discussed strategy in advance of the full on combat.

Thailand Bangkok Painball Positions

There was a frantic dive for cover as the enemy opened fire.

Thailand Bangkok Painball Battle

The battle itself was heated, emotions were running high, it was a matter of life and death!

Thailand Bangkok Painball Yours Truly

Yours truly caught in mid ambush, needless to say there were several dead and many more wounded immediately after this picture was taken!

All that on a Sunday morning for less than a British tenner or fifteen of America’s dollars. You gotta love Bangkok! Check it out at (new window).

One thought on “Battle Scars”

  1. Hey – this looks like fun. Never done it – does it hurt much on impact? Who were u playing with? JC.

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