Apple’s Genius Continues

Check this out, there’s a new range of gorgeous mac notebooks out called MacBooks. They’ve introduced a tiny little new feature which is simply ingenious, why had nobody thought of it before?

The new MacBook

Instead of a traditional power plug, the new mac plug is magnetic. Why? So if you trip over the cable, it simply pops out instead of slamming your brand new thousand dollar mac onto floor! So simple, yet so darned useful. You gotta love macs! Check it out here (new window).

Not only that, now that they’re onto Intel processors, you could even install Linux on one of those gorgeous beasts. Hmm, tempting, I might just have to investigate that…

3 thoughts on “Apple’s Genius Continues”

  1. Hey. Yep, they are lovely. I was looking at them all in the new glass cube apple store on 5th avenue in new york a few days back. Tis a tough life at work! Lots of love, annoying JC.

  2. come on c….where you hiding? enough of the techie stuff!! more about your wildness in bangkok??!….x

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