Let’s Mixxx

For all you budding DJs out there, check out these little gems I discovered today. First to the floor, it’s OpenJay.org (new window), a site dedicated to the open source DJ. Amen. Swiftly following that little number, wrap your ears around this little peach, check out Mixxx (new window). It’s an open source DJing application.

Mixxx lets you blend two tunes together, just like on a regular mixing desk, with a whole bunch of PC only features that kick some ass! It’ll automatically work out the BPM of your tracks, and even sync two tracks together so you can effectively sit back and let it do the work for you. Genius. But even better than that, that’s right, you guessed it, it runs on Linux! It’ll run on any other inferior operating system you might choose as well, but the Linux support is the winner for me!


One thought on “Let’s Mixxx”

  1. thanks for the pointers dude. Ill give it a look when I land in the land of the rising heather hills. For now the only mixing ill be doing is with drinks and foreign hotties on the playa. going to get me a boogie board and check out the surf…

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