Linux is a family affair

I’m delighted to announce that my dearest brother Fergus (new window) has joined the linux revolution, although he doesn’t know it yet! Well, come on, what did he expect, leaving his laptop in Bangkok while he went off galavanting, I mean, it was inevitable wasn’t it? πŸ™‚

Honestly, who needs Windows anyway? It’s unreliable, expensive, difficult to manage, a pain in the rear all round. He’s better off without it I say. He might have some initial resistance (as you know, resistance is futile) but in time, he’ll come to appreciate my gift of electronic enlightenment…

Besides, he didn’t need all those photos and music and all that rubbish anyway, now he’s got lots of space for proper files on linux, oooh, beautiful. Moohahaha

2 thoughts on “Linux is a family affair”

  1. wow….does that mean it actually works now!!! If not…get off your arse and stop writing posts and get on with it!!

    Oh…that and my webmail!!! Infact…did you do that washing i left you…come on boy…stop standing around!!

    Thank you very much bro…

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