Committing to Bangkok

The last few weeks have been filled with a debate as to whether I stay in Bangkok or get the hell out of here for somewhere more civilised (or Australia, one of the two! ;)). Well, at long last, a decision has been reached, I’m going to stay put for a while yet, at least another 6 months or a year.

I’m finally starting to find a groove here, meeting a few more interesting people as time goes on. Not only that, work is going well and from next month I’ll be earning real money, so that’ll be a welcome change.

For all my complaints about Bangkok, the quality of life for farrangs (foreigners) here is pretty good. I have a maid who cleans my apartment for £8 ($12 US) a month, I don’t own a single pot or pan, I take taxis just about everywhere unless there’s traffic, and from next month, I’ll be making some money by UK standards, good money by Thai standards.

So, an open invitation, for those of you not on (new window), I have a sofa to offer to anyone planning a trip to Bangkok. Time to put the excuses aside, book the flights, and get yourselves out here to visit!

One thought on “Committing to Bangkok”

  1. Hey…wow…sounds cool…i’ll definately see you soon and make sure that sofa is ready and waiting.

    Oh…wait…i’m already on your sofa and have been for the last two weeks…hhmm…ok…position closed for everyone else…alas…i’m leaving tomorrow so will be free again!

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