Dreamweaver on Linux

With remarkably little trouble, I installed Dreamweaver on Linux today. Thanks to the wonder of Wine (new window), a windows emulator for Linux, I was able to also install Internet Explorer 6, then Dreamweaver MX, and it worked like a charm. Beautiful, see…

screenshot dreamweaver on linux

I did receive one error message about Microsoft Data Access Components at the beginning of the install, but then it installed anyway. I believe you have to install Internet Explorer 6 before Dreamweaver, and you have to ensure you only have drive C mapped in Wine. If you have other drives mapped Dreamweaver will crash at the splash screen. More info on winehq (new window).

3 thoughts on “Dreamweaver on Linux”

  1. This post was about 2 years ago. I no longer use Dreamweaver for my main coding. I work primarily with Zend Studio. So I’m not able to provide instructions as I’m now running a completely different setup.

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