Couch Surfing Bonanza

I think I must be the most popular man in Bangkok, I’ve already had 4 people send me requests to couch surf! I’ve only been on the site less than a month. I’ve already had my first guest and my first scheduling conflict! It must be my stunning photo on my profile!

Lorenzo stayed for a few nights before meeting his girlfriend to head north for a few days. I think he’s due back in the big BKK any day now. I’ve got a couple of Ozzie guys headed here next week and a couple of Canadian circus girls (sounds interesting…) a while after that. It’s all go here!

3 thoughts on “Couch Surfing Bonanza”

  1. hey, despite my job, all this techie stuff is a bit over my head but haven’t posted a message for a whiley (for fear of getting in over my head) so a wee message to say heeey babe, how you doing? behaving in true macdaddy style i hope? off now to skive and get a tan in this bangkok stylie heatwave we are getting while my boss is stuck in the conference room all day. happy days, nadsy x 😉

  2. Not sure what you mean miguel. The post is over 18 months old. I was trying to be humorous when I said “I must be the most popular man in Bangkok”…

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