Back Online

At long, long, long last, I’m back online at home! 😀

Fergus (new window) and Roland (new window) are back tomorrow, so no doubt they’ll be pleased by the added convenience at the Hotel Callum.

Unfortunately we’re using the old router from the office which, to put it politely, is fubar’d (f***ed up beyond all recognition), so things like MSN messenger don’t work, and it can be a little slow, but fear not, I shall be replacing the router with my first pay cheque next month!

2 thoughts on “Back Online”

  1. OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH goody goody…i was beginning to doubt the service there…wasn’t too happy about it anyway…let’s just leave it at that!

    Ps if that reclining massager chair hasn’t been installed yet…there WILL be trouble!

  2. hey man,

    whats happening? You cannot get into Hotmail in Burma!!! so frustrating. Tell Ferg and Roland I couldn’t hang around Yangon until the 29th, there is not much to do and it was pissing with rain. I think I just missed them in Bagan as well, I had no way of contacting them though. What are ur thoughts on Phan Hgan then? Cmon, you know it will be good! Is there anyway you can reply to this on ur website????


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