Calling Wesley Boy

Wes, apparently you should be able to get into Hotmail in some places in Burma. Ferg & Roland are back in the big BKK and said that a lot of internet cafes bypass the censors, because gmail and Yahoo mail are also blocked, but they were able to check their email. So, hopefully when you see this you’ll also read my email (in your hotmail account). If not, I’ll see you back on the 10th, don’t think I’ll go to Koh Pah-Ngan, but might do Pattaya instead for a couple of days.

Live it large, see you soon!

One thought on “Calling Wesley Boy”

  1. I read you loud and clear! I got ur email, was able to check my hotmail in one place. I couldn’t reply as the connection was shit! see you back in Bangkok for some more madness!


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