Broadband in Bed!

For the first time in Bangkok, I have broadband in bed! The wireless router used to be at the other side of the building from my apartment, the signal was strong enough to reach my living room but not my bedroom. Now the router is in my living room, so I have broadband everywhere!

It’s amazing the things one can do with the internet in one’s bed… 😉

2 thoughts on “Broadband in Bed!”

  1. Ha ha…Homer Simpson tells Bart that you can have a lot of fun in bed when you get older and winks at him…then shows his thoughts and he’s groaning and moaning…then you realise he’s eating a large sandwich. God bless The Simpsons.

  2. Just a hello. Found a link to your blog and thought I’d drop a line to say hello. What’s keeping you busy? My daughter Hannah has joined the forces of the great unwashed and just back from 5 weeks backpacking round Europe on her own! Texts and blog kept me sane. She had a ball, and I only saw the edited version! Cheers to you

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