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It’s easy to feel like one’s own life is hard. If you find yourself in need of a little perspective, head over to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s page on death row (new window). I found the women on deathrow (new window) page particularly sobering.

There are currently 10 women on death rown in Texas, according to the site. Of these 10 women awaiting execution in Texas, 4 were younger than I am now when they were convicted of their crimes. Two girls were sentenced to execution for crimes they committed at 19 years old, one at 20, one at 23 and one at 26. It’s a frightening thought to consider that at 19 years old you’ve made mistakes for which your peers are prepared to sentence you to death.

I can’t help but feel it somewhat makes a mockery of the idea of restitution.

One thought on “Sobering Stuff”

  1. Hmm…not sure what restitution means…one of the problems after speaking pigeon English for over a year…however, i’m pretty sure you made such hamus crimes when you were younger than that…infact i would have you on Death Row if it were up to me…after all i am your peer.

    I clearly remember when you were 7 you stole my red car and wouldn’t give me it back…or when you were 14 and you wore that green jumper – anyone should be shot for that…infact, just last week you finished my beer without asking – shotgun anyone?? I need live rounds!

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