Linux Loses Today

My brother (new window) has been hassling me for a few weeks now, asking me how to get Microsoft Windows to start automatically when he turns on his laptop, instead of Fedora Linux. I’ve been telling him that it’s a bit like asking me to buy him a gun so he can shoot himself. However, in spite of my concern for his electronic welfare, today I caved. Today I decided if he wants to shoot himself, he must learn the consequences for himself. This morning, with a heavy heart, I sent him the instructions.

Linux loses a user today. But more than that, the principles of free software lose a user today. It’s a sad day in Bangkok this morning.

2 thoughts on “Linux Loses Today”

  1. It is sad…and i do regret the switch back…but my general Linux skills really aren’t up to scratch enough to be a full-time user! Sorry bro…

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