Linux versus Windows for Web Hosting

Apologies to the non-geeks reading this, you probably want to stop now and go get a glass of organic fruit juice instead! 🙂

I’m working with web sites at the moment in Bangkok and the majority of our clients host their site on Linux servers. However, a handful choose to host on Windows servers. I’ve always thought this was a bad idea, but never been very vocal about it, well today that changes. Today I say, f*** the Windows web servers, they blow. Linux is vastly superior for a number of reasons I shall try to outline here.

Web hosting is almost always on a remote server. So you need some method of remotely controlling that server. On Windows, you can use some sort of virtual screen, but it’s ridiculously slow and inefficient. Linux on the other hand has SSH, one of the sweetest, simplest and most effective pieces of software. You can run commands remotely, forward ports, copy files, and most importantly, it just works. Simple.

Microsoft’s IIS (their web server) blows. It doesn’t suppport things like mod_rewrite, has way more security issues than Apache which take longer to resolve. Admittedly it is possible to run Apache on Windows, but come on, it’s an open source appliation, it runs on Linux. It’s just meant to be that way.

So in conclusion, I’ve now solidified my opinion, Windows for web hosting sucks ass.

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