Thai Root Canal

I’m going in for my first and very hopefully last Thai root canal treatment this afternoon, in a mere hour actually. Oh joy to the world.

I don’t quite understand the little white things that we call teeth, they’ve always been something of a mystery to me. It wasn’t until I was about 12 that I actually learned how to brush my teeth properly, oops! It seems that since leaving home almost a year ago (a year to the day to the day in a couple of weeks…) that I’ve been forgetting to brush my teeth.

Well, either I’ve been forgetting or the change from an electric to a manual toothbrush has had a dramatic effect. I seem to remember having forgotten (how odd is that!) to brush my teeth while I was on the road. But since settling in Bangkok almost 8 months ago I think I’ve been ok at remembering.

Anyway, had a bit of toothache, went for a 500 baht ($12 USD, £7) teeth cleaning and was told I need 2 fillings. I opted not to go with the dentist at 400 baht ($10 USD, £5.50) per filling and instead opted for a slightly more upmarket establishment. In a purely joyful hour she hollowed out two of my teeth, told me one was almost a root canal and the other needs root canal. Then she kindly relieved me of some 2’000 baht ($50 USD, £30) for my trouble.

Today I’m told she’ll be lightening my wallet by a mere 9’000 baht ($225 USD, £130) for my root canal. Oh, I almost forgot, and I’m going to get my first crown, which sounded a little scary at first. A quick Scroogle settled me a little, here’s hoping it’s included in the cost she quoted… eek!

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