Hong Kong

After being hassled by passport control at Macau because my signature on my landing card didn’t look like my passport signature (hello, my photo…) I made it to Hong Kong fairly easily. Seeing as I arrived on a Friday night it seemed necessary to tear it up a little! I think I finally got home around 7am, this photo captured the essence of the evening…

Hong Kong Free Hugs

After finally rising around 5pm on Saturday, I wandered around town a little with my gracious host. We hopped on the (apparently) famous Star Ferry about which I’m told there were serious street protests. It seems Hong Kongers were outraged that the ferry pier was going to be moved a hundred yards! We also soaked up some of Hong Kong’s architectural delights, this being the tallest building in HK…

Hong Kong Tallest Building

I liked the busy feeling to Hong Kong, it’s a bit like visiting China town anywhere else in the world!

Hong Kong Bustling Streets

Sunday afternoon took a leisurely stroll down to Causeway Bay, apparently taken over by Phillipinos on Sundays. I couldn’t quite believe it, but they literally picnic in the streets, in any open space there are literally thousands of Phillipinos, almost exclusively women, sitting around presumably catching up on the week’s gossip.

Hong Kong Phillipinos in the Streets

Sunday evening the wondeful Erie took me for some Hong Kong noodles, when in Rome and all that! I was impressed to see the evidence of a hundred years of British rule in the restaurant’s bathroom…

Hong Kong Toilets Galore

So all in all, a great weekend, I’ll be back in Hong Kong again soon I’m sure.

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  1. Interestingly…Macau roughly 3 times more densely populated than Hong Kong with nearly 18,000 people per square kilometre! However, i’d imagine that Hong Kong includes more area than Macau…oh the joy of population facts…i think i’m going to start a whole new series of pages about it on my site!

  2. most filipinos go to hongkong as domestic helpers. sunday is their day off so they gather together in one place, exchanging news and even selling food or other stuff to each other, or selling services like manicure and pedicure, massage, or even fortune telling.

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