The Year That Has Been

It has been 1 year and 5 days since I left little Edinburgh to embark on my exploration of the big wide world.

I spent Christmas on the beach for the first time. I was at the centre of an international media storm and a murder investigation. I lived and worked in a city outside Edinburgh for the first time in my life. I joined Couch Surfing (new window) and welcomed over 25 strangers into my home. I made new friends, I lost old ones.

It’s funny to look back now, a year later, and think that it has only been 12 short months since I left. Somehow Edinburgh it feels like a lifetime away, it’s not home any more. Bangkok doesn’t feel like home either, so I suppose that makes me homeless!

My brother recently posted about his 421 days (new window) travelling. He listed a whole bunch of stuff he’d done, things he’d seen, amazing and terrible experiences. I thought I’d have a similar sense of reflection at the 1 year mark, but I actually forgot last Friday was one year after I left. I knew the date but somehow it slipped by me.

I suppose, above all, life feels normal. Fairly boring, and normal. Time for a change me thinks…

3 thoughts on “The Year That Has Been”

  1. Homeless is the way – being a nomad is very ‘in’! Go for it Callum – looking forward to reading about the next year (and maybe even seeing you!), JC.

  2. Interestingly, i found that nowhere feels like home until you leave and come back! After going away over Christmas, going back to Singapore was definately like going home – even more so than actually coming home!

    I also imagine there’s a lot of stuff that you shouldn’t be writing on your website that makes your year pretty interesting too! Rock on MacDaddy.

  3. we are on the road and we move from place to place, and oftentimes, when we are about to call it home, we have to move along.

    whatever emotion there is, your journal remains sharp, brief, concise, honest, and irreverend. in brief, READABLE!

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