Tom Leaves Us

I think Tom is the person I’ve known for the longest in Bangkok. He introduced me to my current job, showed me a new level of Playstation addiction, and was always there when beers where required. Alas, his three year reign in Bangkok has come to an end, last night was his final night before heading back to New York…

Thailand Bangkok Toms Leavin

His gal’s were clearly devastated by the news…

Thailand Bangkok Toms Gals

See ya in the big apple buddy. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tom Leaves Us”

  1. All the best from me Tom…let me know if you need any pool tuition. Oh wait…i forgot…i already handed out a DEMONSTRATION…ha ha ha


  2. hahahahahaha!
    your sense of humor never failed me callum.
    i never met you tom, but all the best for you!

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