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I spent ages looking for a way to convert a VCF file (output from Evolution) to a simple CSV (to mail merge). I found a fantastic solution which you can either use online, or for the security conscious (or paranoid) you can also download an run on your own server. VCF-Convert from (new window).

Update: To go the other way, I used this page with great success. It’s all javascript, so seems quite secure.

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  1. Fantastic. I currently lost my cell. But was able to restore the contacts… The problem was if I am having only bck file, I can only import it into sony phone. Now with this solution, the problem is solved and can import it in any other hone. Free to buy phone other than soy. 🙂

  2. Hello, this tool works for single VCards but i have so many to convert into a CSV file i need to do them all in one go. is there a way of doing this?

    1. sijo thomas posted something that might help, at least if you’re on linux. Otherwise, you can probably just combine all the VCard files into one on any other platform (Windows / Mac / etc) and then convert them. I’m really not sure, I used this script once in 2006 and haven’t needed it since. 🙂

  3. Excellent work..I really facinated. This is a perfect application for the conversion of .vcf file to other formats
    Here i like to share my little knoweldge for merging number of >vcf file to one in Linux(unix command)
    Go to your terminal
    change directory to your Directory
    >>>fmt -sp *.vcf > addresses.vcf
    >>> cat *.vcf >> allinone
    Thanks and regards
    sijo thomas maparayil

    1. Are you going from cvf to csv? if so, how did you add them in the terminal and what folder do you put it in so that it works??? thank you, i’m just really new to terminal. oh, and will it work if you have a lot of vcf’s???

    1. I didn’t write the tool, I’ve only linked to it. I’m not aware of any tools that convert .csv to vcard, but I’d guess they exist.

  4. That’s great! I had a social network contact list that would allow me to export only vcf, and another software only importing csv. No idea how to do that. Googled it, found your post with the link, tried it – and was done in less than 3 minutes. Thanks a lot for sharing and all the best for the New Year! Gerrit
    P.S. Any idea if I can also export my Facebook friends and fans?

  5. I found an easier manner

    Just zip the folder with all your vfc files in it. Then import the zipped folder into your mail program (universal)

    then export contacts to csv format for uploading to Iphone

  6. How can I use ur software in Windows 7 Ultimate??? I dont understand the Read me File too…. Please help… I use Google Chrome Browser…

    1. I’m really not sure, I only linked to the software, I didn’t produce it, and I wrote this post in 2006, I haven’t used it since then.

  7. I’m starting a mail chimp account and didn’t realise that the v cards were so incompatible with everything else.
    So thank you so much for this file converter link! This took literally seconds for a list of 170 contacts and thankfully cost nothing!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      i just read about your sucess with the convertor.. i want to convert a contacts (.vcf) from my old “palm” palm machine..
      everytime i export it only manage to send the first record…
      even using the “brotherli” convertor it also achieves one record..

      can you send me a email and help me with simple instruction.. please…? my email…

    2. Hi Carolyn,
      I just read your comment …I am starting a Mail chimp account as well and can not find a way to select more than one vcf card at a time…
      I saw that you did 170 in seconds….
      How did you do that ? ( I put all the contacts from my address book in to one folder on the desktop and when I select that I can only pick one card at a time.. : (
      Any help would be greatly appreciated… !

  8. Hi Callum,
    I came across this site while trying to look for ways on how to troubleshoot my situation. I have sony mini experia phone which shuts down with a reason i dont know yet. And as i search my sd card I was able to save a vcf file. my problem now is I want to transfer my phone contact through vcf file to my currently used phone which is sony experia x10? can you help me. Or if I will use a nokia x2 how can i transfer my phone contacts hope you can help me.

  9. I needed to get a .vcf file (exported from into Mail Chimp. I found the easiest way was to import the .vcf file into MS Outlook and export it as a .csv file from there. Thanks for everyone’s input. 🙂

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