Leaving Bangkok

I read (new window) that bombs were found and removed in Khao San Road and Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Both of which I visit regularly. I’m seriously considering leaving Bangkok as a matter of urgency.

My main concern is that nobody seems to know who was responsible for the bombings and whether or not they’re like to continue. If it was clearly identified as a one-off event, I’d be happy to stay in Bangkok for the rest of the month, but if not, I just don’t know.

I’d welcome any feedback / thoughts / suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Leaving Bangkok”

  1. Hey Callum. I’d leave. You’ve given BK a good stab, time for somewhere new! I’d also be happier if you were somewhere more stable (selfish but true!). A coo, bombings and what happened at New Year would be more than enough to make me move on. Three strikes me thinks.


  2. Yeah…you’ve been there a year…time to move on (whilst you’re still young enough to enjoy it!!)

    As for the bombs….these days you can get bombed anywhere, just like you can get run over anywhere. You can’t fret about it, just get on with it. There is a quote in the bible that says “That which you have feared has come upon you” Dwelling on the thing can make it happen. now as you know I ain’t no religious person but there are some things that don’t have to be religious to be true.

    As they say in the Sopranos “Fuggetabahtit”

  3. I say don’t sweat it, I guess you probably have a better chance diing from falling off your toilet, or getting in a car accident.

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