Linux Ping Options

Since my introduction to bash scripting a couple of days ago, I decided while on the phone to my momma, to write a little script to monitor my internet connection. Being on the second floor with the router on the fifth floor, my connection can be a little ropey at times.

I did write the beginnings of a script, but while reading the ping man page (new window) I discovered a great little option called flood ping (-f) which instead of printing a new line for every ping response, prints a full stop (or period) “.” every time a ping is sent, and a backspace every time a response is received. Thus you see a list of dots appear if packets are being dropped, and nothing if packets are being received.

Exactly what I wanted, no scripting required! Gotta love linux…

Quick tech note, you need to set an interval unless you’re running ping as root, so the full command is “ping -fi 1 x.x.x.x” where 1 is the inverval in seconds an x.x.x.x is your destination address or hostname.

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  1. Well Jeremy might wonder why he’s taking the lift to the fifth floor every day if he lives on the second floor, but you never know… :-p

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