Singapore Budget Terminal

I had a 6 hour stop over in Singapore yesterday, flying through the budget terminal. I think it was the most pleasant airport experience I’ve ever had. Every member of staff I spoke to was pleasant, from the immigration officials to the security staff to the shop assistants. The immigration officer completed the details I’d missed on my landing card, without a word of complaint. The shop assistant in 7 Eleven told me where I could get hot water offered me a free fork for my instant noodles.

Although it took me some time to find it, and it’s located in the departure lounge, the “Laptop Station” was excellent. Power, internet cables, all for free, as well as a rack of computers providing free internet access.

It was a refreshing change from other airports I’ve been through recently.

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  1. Ho ho ho…good old Changi airport! When we went to Bali we were one of the first lots of dudes to go through the new terminal. Great as it is, it’s sadly missing the ‘Subway’ that the main airport has! (sandwiches not underground!).

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