Servers and Friday Night

This week has been an adventure, well not really, this is Nelson, but it’s been a technological adventure. I’ve been discovering a little about the server setup and checking out ways to bring the servers up to date. With the gazillions of other things going on, server maintenance has slipped through the cracks a little.

Other than that, it’s Friday night and I’m faced with the prospect of another Friday night in Nelson. Oh dear. After last weekend’s mis-adventures I’m not sure I even want to leave the house. That coupled with the inevitable cost of beer, it’s all just a little depressing.

Still, we’re planning a camping trip, or something of that ilk tomorrow, so that should brighten our weekend. And then, the very important weekly house meeting on Sunday. Has it really only been a week since our last meeting? Oh how the time flies…

Not to disappoint, a few pictures from last weekend’s Nelson outings for you!

New Zealand Nelson Friday Nights On The Town

Don’t I look fetching? 😉

New Zealand Nelson Oh What A Lovely Hat

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