Preventative Medicine

My week of waiting has ended, in just a day. It turns out the doctors prefer to treat in advance of the test results, a sort of “we think this’ll fix it” approach. So aside from not being able to drink for a week and feeling a bit sick today, all should be well with the world again very soon. Wonderful.

6 thoughts on “Preventative Medicine”

  1. What was the test for ? Are they concerned its diabetes or something??
    Sorry if I have missed your post regarding you being unwell, but you started going on about ‘we all got to die sometimes’ – is there something serious or just over indulgence in the good life!!
    Anyway, we both hope that you recover from your illness in next to no time.

  2. What are the symptoms?

    Probably a change in diet and you’re all sluggish.

    Get some flax oil into your system as soon as you can. capsules will do, but you can also buy the stuff in a dark bottle that you need to keep in the fridge.

    Don’t use it for cooking but use it on salads or you can whisk in a tablespoon with Quark and sprinkle it with cinammon and mangoes for the best breakfast you’ll ever have!

  3. If you are taking Flax oil, take a tablespoon-ful and mix with yoghurt. Heather
    has been on this stuff for years and is kind of an ‘expert’ on this.
    Going to the docs for tests mate is like taking the car to the garage – they will always find something “wrong”, just to keep themselves in a job!!
    Take care šŸ™‚

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