Hitchhiker’s Guide to NZ

It has been an adventure. Thursday morning NOT_BILL (new window) and I hitched out of sunny little Nelson down to Christchurch. We stayed with the awesome THURSTY (new window) and then after a fairly wasted night, hit the road again bound for Dunedin where we caught up with VIAJEN (new window) and partied with the formidable Brett Herman (new window).

Then we drove down through Invercargill to Milford Sounds, camped, all three of us in a 1.5 man tent (oh that was fun, NOT) and then up to Queenstown to catch up with KERSEF (new window), JUKIEN (new window) and OmJoshuaOm (new window). We stayed in Queenstown for a night, then I hit the road back up to Christchurch.

A couple of very friendly German lads gave me a lift right to the very door of my home for the next 2 months. Gotta love hitching.

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