Cat Training

I’m living in a house with a cat…

New Zealand Christchurch Molly Under Sofa

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to try some animal experimentation. I’ve been arguing recently that animals have the same basic emotions as humans, love and fear. My motivation was more to play devil’s advocate than anything else, but it strikes me that this cat provides an interesting testing ground.

So, if you have any suggestions of experiments I could try, please let me know. Note: I use the term experimentation loosely. So animal rights activists, relax, I’m not going to microwave the cat. Animal abusers, take your suggestions elsewhere, I’m not going to microwave the cat. Harm free suggestions only. For example, could I train the cat to ignore me during the working day, but come say hello at 6pm exactly? Oh the possibilities…

4 thoughts on “Cat Training”

  1. I should like to point out to any cat lovers out there – that i don’t dislike the cat, it’s rather a nice fluffy cuddly little furrball (when it wants to be, and when it’s claws are away). My point is rather that the cat is only like that because it chooses to be like that to get what it wants from you.

    If it was Greyfriar’s Tabby, i don’t think it would have sat there for 15 years and had a statue erected in its honour…it would have buggered off and found a new owner to pet and feed it!

  2. Ah well…there was a comment previous to this saying that i don’t think that cats can be trained, because, unlike dogs, they’re not loyal or obedient, they’re more arrogant, and conniving!

  3. Dogs have owners, cats have servants.

    The main thing about cats is NOT to make eye contact with them. They’re a bit like some women. If you ignore them they come to you.

    Also, they’ll respect you more if you push them away with your leg when they rub up against you. A gentle push..not a kick!

    When you stroke them (steady!) stroke them with quite firm pressure, almost pushing down on them and make the sroke long…and s l o w….

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