Nomadic Work

Currently the majority of my income comes from where I work as a freelance programmer. The freedom and flexibility of the system is great, I can be anywhere in the world, I can move from one day to the next, and as long as I have internet access I can work. The site also supplies my leads and clients, handles the payment, and escrows the money up front thus giving me a level of security.

However, the money is not great. It’s a truly global business, so I compete with people from emerging economy countries. The work can also be simple jobs, not always very inspiring, and not always the best possible work I could produce.

So I am inviting you, yes YOU, my reader, to offer any feedback you might have. Do you know of other nomadic professions which would offer better rewards? More creative work? Can you suggest how I could improve the situation? All comments welcome…

2 thoughts on “Nomadic Work”

  1. You could try having your own SEX site. All you need is a Web Cam and an imagination!! Put a mask on; that way you could create your own identity (The Nomad). Plus factor – your Mum wouldnt recognise you either.
    Involve the cat – now that IS sick!! haha

  2. Yes, how about you redo the CPA website for me and I pay you?

    You can host it as well and give me FTP access so that I can make changes…and you can send out some eNewsletters again.

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