Niche Review Sites

I’m looking for niche “review web site ideas”. Say “cat and dog kennel reviews” for example, or “diamond dealer reviews”.

I want to start building a few user-generated-content sites to generate some passive income. I’m not thinking on the scale of flickr or YouTube, but more localised, specific, smaller. Something easier to manage.

I’m also interested in the idea of partnering with “experts” in their fields. I’ll handle the technology, they handle the content, we split the revenues. So all ideas for sites, people, or otherwise are most welcome, comments on a (cyber) postcard please… 🙂

One thought on “Niche Review Sites”

  1. Was thinking about setting up an Edinburgh Photographers site, including camera and lense reviews. Would be happy to shazam that together – over 200 members in the group!

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