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  1. Sabros looks good. Personally, I’ll stick with Scuttle for now as I have it up and running and I like the Firefox plugin. Thanks for the tip Arpit – Callum.

  2. @Arpit, great, thanks for the links, although you spelt my name with an extra I! 🙂

    The plugin I use is called Scuttle by Marcus Campbell.

    Unfortunately, with scuttle.org being dead, I think I may need to switch to something else in the future as the Scuttle project doesn’t appear to be maintained any more.

  3. Oops Sorry, Corrected the mistake now. 🙂

    Also Callum, From my office I read few of your posts as I really found your blog highly interesting and informative. May I know what are you doing in thailand ? I am looking to write a post about linux shortcuts in my blog like ctrl alt backspace logs you out and Alt F1 opens the state menu…Can u help me in putting 15-20 such shortcuts ?


  4. @Arpit: The only short cuts I know of are Alt-F1 to open the menu as you said, Alt-F2 brings up the Run dialog, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace actually restarts the X server, it doesn’t just log you out. I don’t know of any other shortcuts, other than the maximise, minimise, etc stuff, which is all labelled in the menus.

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